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Feeling like a slacker

I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit guilty about my use of social media.  I feel like I should be using it in a more compelling way, posting about world issues and politics.  I am sure this … Continue reading

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I am relieved and at the same time sad that spring session is coming to an end. This Friday we will be saying our goodbyes and many of us may not see each other in person again. This class has … Continue reading

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security and the Internet

Today’s guest speaker via Skype was Christopher Parsons, UVic PhD candidate focusing on ubiquitous digital surveillance and its accompanying privacy issues.  Have you ever done any internet surveillance on your own?  Viewing each others posts online is a form of … Continue reading

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Seven fundamental ideas that account for the small world phenomena

Today I presented Chapter 8, “The Small World, Circles and Communities”, from Charles Kadushin’s book Understanding Social Networks (this chapter was one of my favorites).  I think we have all used the expression “what a small world” more than once.  … Continue reading

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“Friend” Issues

Have you ever made a Facebook (FB) “friend request” to someone you know quite well,  have many mutual friends in common with and that went unanswered?  This has happened to me.  I know, its time that I let it go. … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky and Collective Action

Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies – it happens when society adopts new behaviors. Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody This statement by Clay Shirky makes me feel good about the world and how we can use new technologies … Continue reading

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Social Media, Status and Insecurities

I think about all of the different social networks I am a part of and realize how blessed I am to be a part of so many great communities.  I love interacting with my community online via forums (DOC – … Continue reading

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