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This Ain’t Your Daddys Folk Music, Part 1: Preparation

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You hear a lot lately about the “good old days”. Maybe we’ve always heard about them. I love the good old days. I had a blast there. I love telling stories about them. What I hate…

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last thought of the day

This quote from Naomi Klein really resonates with me: …What I find exciting is the idea that the solutions to the ecological crisis can be the solutions to the economic crisis… I would like to say a whole lot more … Continue reading

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7 talks that will encourage you to talk to strangers

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In today’s talk, Intel engineer Maria Bezaitis brings up a fascinating point: why is the phrase “don’t talk to strangers” such a part of our cultural zeitgeist? [ted_talkteaser id=1742] “When we’re at our best, we…

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10 Cool Things Chris Hadfield Taught Us to Do While in Space

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Chris Hadfield, on behalf of my comrades here on Earth, we salute your return to terra firma. While you were cooped up inside the International Space Station as its first Canadian commander from late December 2012…

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Networks and the World Wide Web

This is my MACT 2012 class of 17.  Today’s lecture and readings were about the evolution of the internet and World Wide Web. Today’s reading included a chapter on “Network Segmentation” from Charles Kadushin’s text, Understanding Social Networks.  This chapter … Continue reading

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May 7th, Comm 506

This photo offers a small sampling of the reading we have to complete for this term in both of our courses.  The text, “Understanding Social Networks” by Charles Kadushin is a bit dry but it is informative.  The text reading … Continue reading

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Faculty of Extension – home of the MACT program for the next three weeks

Today was my first day of spring session classes and this building is my home for the next three weeks.  I have to admit, I was pretty cranky with my husband over the weekend as I was feeling anxious about … Continue reading

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