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This Ain’t Your Daddys Folk Music, Part 1: Preparation

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You hear a lot lately about the “good old days”. Maybe we’ve always heard about them. I love the good old days. I had a blast there. I love telling stories about them. What I hate…

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last thought of the day

This quote from Naomi Klein really resonates with me: …What I find exciting is the idea that the solutions to the ecological crisis can be the solutions to the economic crisis… I would like to say a whole lot more … Continue reading

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Feeling like a slacker

I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit guilty about my use of social media.  I feel like I should be using it in a more compelling way, posting about world issues and politics.  I am sure this … Continue reading

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I am relieved and at the same time sad that spring session is coming to an end. This Friday we will be saying our goodbyes and many of us may not see each other in person again. This class has … Continue reading

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Think before you speak or post

In today’s Comm 506 class, Natasha’s presentation and the discussion began with an article that appeared in Wired magazine.  The article was penned by Alice Marwick and opens with: It was the tweet that launched a thousand trolls. When Adria Richards … Continue reading

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security and the Internet

Today’s guest speaker via Skype was Christopher Parsons, UVic PhD candidate focusing on ubiquitous digital surveillance and its accompanying privacy issues.  Have you ever done any internet surveillance on your own?  Viewing each others posts online is a form of … Continue reading

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Asking the Twitosphere for help

Last night I was working late and trying to figure out how to create a sociogram of my social networks.  I tweeted about it and within a minute I had several responses.  The first two were from my my classmates … Continue reading

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