I am currently working on a Master in Communications and Technology through the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension.  This is my first personal blog.

I create to relax.  Food, art, text, crafts. My background is in television production but these days I refer to myself as a transmedia producer.  I’ve produced more than 100 hours of television and interactive content. My credits include creating and producing three television series (The Lie Detective, Wild Files and Booked), seven one hour documentaries, the serious game Murder or Suicide, more than 50 webisodes and podcasts, and an online companion to an animated TV series where users can create their own comics and stories (http://www.anashinteractive.com/).

In addition to producing, I also write and direct.  I wrote and directed four episodes of The Lie Detective, directed Homefront (a story that followed five soldiers and their families during a deployment to Afghanistan), directed Seeds of Change (an hour long documentary that tells the story of a friendship between two scientists and how they worked together to help restore the health of China’s Yangtze River), and this past year I directed the TV series, Chaos and Courage, for APTN.  My work has been internationally recognized with more than 40 awards, including the CFTPA Award for Best Convergent New Media, a Japan Prize and the Ojai California Festival Theme Award: “Enriching the Human Spirit Through Film”.

In addition to creating content, I also teach part-time at NAIT and MacEwan University and serve on the board of a labour union.






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