Feeling like a slacker

I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit guilty about my use of social media.  I feel like I should be using it in a more compelling way, posting about world issues and politics.  I am sure this comes from discussions on Anonymous, Wikileaks and Julian Assange, Arab Springs, Idle No More.

What is it that I have to say or share that is of value to others? My Facebook posts are an extension of my personal life.  I like to share personal accomplishments that reflect a bit of who I am and what I believe in – nature, health, exercise, eating well, spending time with friends and family.  With Twitter, I am trying to use this platform to share information I find useful with my industry colleagues.  This blog was created for this class and I’ve found it a bit challenging to make daily posts. I am still unsure of how I will use it or what I will have to say once this course comes to an end.  I have been following a few blogs and some people and orgs on Twitter. I have gathered lots of useful information in a short period of time. I will continue following these feeds and do hope some of my classmates keep blogging as I have enjoyed reading their posts.

On Friday I present my research topic and look forward to sharing some feedback via my blog.


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2 Responses to Feeling like a slacker

  1. Lisa says:

    An end is in sight! good luck this Friday.

  2. Ava K says:

    Thanks, Lisa! I am looking forward to a good bottle of wine this Friday night!

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