I am relieved and at the same time sad that spring session is coming to an end. This Friday we will be saying our goodbyes and many of us may not see each other in person again.

This class has brought forward  many interesting and enlightening conversations both online and offline.  My friends outside of Comm 506 have entered some of our discussions through my blog – thank you!  I know I have also annoyed a few friends with my sudden increase in social media activity.  After this week comes to an end, I will keep it up but on a less frequent basis. Today we discussed Wikileaks and access to information.  What information should be withheld from the public? What action should we take when our governments withhold information?  Having access to information can give one the feeling of power and control.  Withholding it helps one maintain power and control.  What happens when we decide to share information freely? I am sure I am going to dream about this when I finally fall asleep tonight.


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2 Responses to Reflections

  1. opokharel says:

    lets not be sad so soon….assignment 2s for both, poster, presentation in Friday…lots remain,….feels like 3 year for 3 days

  2. Ava K says:

    Thanks, Om. I am going to miss everyone….

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