Asking the Twitosphere for help

Last night I was working late and trying to figure out how to create a sociogram of my social networks.  I tweeted about it and within a minute I had several responses.  The first two were from my my classmates Om and Kirsten.   Then @barrywellman (whom I have never met) suggested I try NodeXL and when I couldn’t open it on my Mac he suggested I contact @marc_smith (whom I have also never met and who tweeted me back to let me know that it wasn’t mac compatible, boo hoo).  @gagow then responded to my tweet with another suggestion.  Thank you, Twitosphere.  This was a great example of how “the crowd” can come to your aid.

I ended up using Ftnetwork (see below) and since posted my sociogram on Facebook a few of my friends have also tried it.  Both were interesting and revealing exercises.  What does your network look like?

my Facebook network sociogram

my Facebook network sociogram


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4 Responses to Asking the Twitosphere for help

  1. opokharel says:

    the picture looks pretty neat and really high resolution…I am missing the colors in it, shows up b&w….did you get color codings for ur several networks? I will try that in a bit

  2. Jamil@Bangladesh says:

    Ava, the situation you faced is a very good example of network of networks. I will also try to use that Ftnetowrk. Is there any disadvantage of using that?

  3. Natasha Woods says:

    Ava – it’s amazing how Twitter really connects people – I never realized that until we started using it in COMM506. It’s amazing too that someone like Barry Wellman would respond to your query. Twitter really is a good way to make connections and start conversations – who knew?

  4. Ava K says:

    I think the disadvantage is giving them access to the data they need to make the sociogram – Dr. Gow suggested I use it.

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