10 Cool Things Chris Hadfield Taught Us to Do While in Space

Thanks for sharing! I am going to miss following Hadfield’s posts.


Chris Hadfield, on behalf of my comrades here on Earth, we salute your return to terra firma.

While you were cooped up inside the International Space Station as its first Canadian commander from late December 2012 until recently, you submitted several videos to YouTube; videos containing tasks that, if performed here on Earth, would have drawn the nastiest of the nasty YouTube comments based solely on the relatively mundane nature of the things you did in these videos.

BUT! Since you sent them from the International Space Station, everything was exponentially more exciting and interesting. Unsurprisingly, there were still nasty YouTube comments, but no space station in the galaxy can fix that.

Here are your greatest hits, good sir:

You showed us how to cry.

You didn’t actually cry, but you’re manly enough to be okay with crying.

You showed us how to brush our teeth.

It’s kind…

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