Networks and the World Wide Web

Network Theory and the World Wide Web

This is my MACT 2012 class of 17.  Today’s lecture and readings were about the evolution of the internet and World Wide Web.

Today’s reading included a chapter on “Network Segmentation” from Charles Kadushin’s text, Understanding Social Networks.  This chapter explored ways to examine cliques, clusters and groups (human and non-human), and to separate networks into smaller segments.   For example, the more direct connection, the more cohesive the group.  For me it is interesting to look at the (now obvious) similarities between computer networks and human/social networks.

Todays’ reading included an interview (Chris Oakes, Wired) with the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tom Berners-Lee.  The article was written in 1999, not that long ago considering how ubiquitous the Web is today.  When I was working on my undergrad in the mid 80’s I was still using a typewriter (with corrector ribbon) to write my papers.  Today as I work on my Masters, I can’t imagine not having my personal computer!  The interview ended with a quote for Berners-Lee saying, “But nobody in that process has added to the ten-year, twenty-year vision of what the Web should fundamentally be and whether it should be changing. I hope that (snip) large companies will continue to fund the research into the more distant future, and that the government will. And that we don’t get this feeling that the Web’s done. People keep asking me what I think of it now that it’s done. Hence my protest: The Web is not done!”.  I look forward to see what futurists like Berners-Lee can do next as they envision a “Web 3.0”.



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2 Responses to Networks and the World Wide Web

  1. KateInAlberta says:

    Haha! I also used an electric typewriter with corrective ribbon! One roommate had a PC and it was such a mystery to me 🙂 … I too couldn’t imagine life (and work) without my laptop.

  2. rorossier says:

    Very nice synopsis, Ava! It was interesting during the video ( to see Berners-Lee scrambling to plug in his laptop during his talk… seemed like a very brief glimpse of the actor network theory in action. There is the very gifted human quickly plugging-in his technology object so that he can continue to share his knowledge… 🙂

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