May 7th, Comm 506

Comm 501 and 506 Texts

This photo offers a small sampling of the reading we have to complete for this term in both of our courses.  The text, “Understanding Social Networks” by Charles Kadushin is a bit dry but it is informative.  The text reading for today explored in more detail “basic network concepts” and “whole social networks” and I am looking forward to exploring these concepts in more detail further into the text.  We were also introduced to “actor network theory” (ANT) with a reading from LaTour and a You Tube video of him presenting (the video helped bring more clarity to the topic – thank you Dr. Kate Milberry).  Today’s guest lecturer, Dr. Raul Pachego-Vega joined us via skype sharing with us tips on how to successfully use social media.  It was a good reminder for me that we all need to ask ourselves “how much do we need or want to share with the world?” and not to Facebook or Tweet after we’ve had a few drinks.


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