Faculty of Extension – home of the MACT program for the next three weeks

Faculty of Extension

Today was my first day of spring session classes and this building is my home for the next three weeks.  I have to admit, I was pretty cranky with my husband over the weekend as I was feeling anxious about the looming workload.  Not only will I be busy with assignments, reading, daily blogging and more frequent use of social media, but I am unable to fully remove myself from work  (the reality of consulting and not having a regular full-time job).  Despite my anxiety, today I felt normal as I realized that my MACT 2013 colleagues were also anxious.  At home, my fourteen year old daughter is anxious.  Last term she slammed my laptop closed on a particularly busy weekend and told me that I all I do is work and study and that I have no time for her.   This term I need to insure that I set aside some daily time to connect with her so she doesn’t feel as neglected, hopefully leaving me less anxious so I can perform well in my studies.


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2 Responses to Faculty of Extension – home of the MACT program for the next three weeks

  1. jamilraihan22 says:

    Reblogged this on jamilraihan22 and commented:
    Thanks Ava! Perfect picture.

  2. opokharel says:

    I am getting really anxious too. Hopefully that will cool down very soon. Nice blog btw 🙂

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